Gorba - Geelong Off Road Buggy Association

What is Off Road Racing?

Off Road Racing is a form of timed competitive motorsport in either production or custom made vehicles driving over a variety of surfaces (made and unmade), with or without assisted navigation, over a variety of race lengths. The main emphasis is on car control, race preparation and driving skill. Speed is unrestricted.

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Vehicle Classes - 9 Classes
Pro Buggy
Buggies with engines between 1650 and not exceeding 6000cc
Pro Light
Buggies with Engines up to 3500cc normally aspirated
Super 1650
Buggies with engines between 1330cc & 1650cc
Buggies with engines not exceeding 1330cc
Buggies with engines not exceeding 1650cc (restricted conditions)
Performance 2WD
Modified 2WD not exceeding 6000cc
Extreme 2WD
Highly Modified 2WD Not exceeding 6000cc (Includes Baja)
Production 4WD
Production 4WD not exceeding 6000cc
Extreme 4WD
Highly modified 4WD not exceeding 6000cc
Victorian Race Tracks
Avalon Victoria (Short Course)
Bagshot Bendigo (Short Course)
Sea Lake Victoria (Long & Short Course)
Koorlong Victoria (Short Course)
Moyston Victoria (Short Course)
Private Property depending on event stature
Multi Club
Victorian Clubs
Geelong Off Road Buggy Association
Portland Dune Buggy Club
Victorian Off Road Racing Association
Bendigo Car Club
Sea Lake Buggy Club
Sunraysia Car Club
Event Details
Each event follows a set guideline of CAMS regulated rules and a permit system to run.
All events have to carry out pre event compliance checks that are about 30 pages long. Each event then will develop its own entry conditions as required but must include but are not limited to the Specific and General regulations as required by CAMS. These checklists are then followed up on race day to ensure compliance to the Event licence issued.
Once an application has been lodged and an event licence approved then the event can be advertised and entries accepted. Entry fees will differ depending on the status of the event.
All vehicles must meet the current safety and construction guidelines (etc) per class as set out by CAMS & are independently scrutineered by up to 4 people prior to being allowed to race. This is for every event.
Post event all details are checked by CAMS to ensure compliance. Failure to do so will see penalties imposed.